Are you ready to UP LEVEL

Your Self?

Your Relationships?

Your LIFE?


Have you had enough of playing SMALL?

Do you seek




That longing connection to your LIFE?  

Yep! I hear you beautiful.I know where you're at.
Ive been there too.

my life crumbled in 2012 before i had a chance to realise what was happening
but it wasnt my undoing...

it was my rising!

the same as it is yours.

if you've made it here

~ welcome ~ 

you are exactly where you are meant to be.

I work with the essence of your soul  


~to become the true spiritual alchemist of your life~ 


to embody your you-ness in enabling you to live life in alignment & flow, rather than push and pull.

for you to feel connected, valued and loved.

to fully step into yourself, your divine feminine and the peaceful,

yet unf*ckwithable power that you know you hold inside.


to become the SOVEREIGN of your life.

do you dare?



About Lauren

Allow me to introduce my soul to yours;

To divulge my struggles with you;

To learn how my vulnerabilities, cracked me open, to make me whole...

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Work WIth me

Tired of doing life the old way?

Pushing...Striving... Feeling Heavy... Exhausted... Holding on strong like you're all "Independent Woman" ~ Beyonce style?

I hear you lovely! Ive been there. I also know you dont have to live there. Ways off existing are changing - you either be a part of it? Or continue living in the struggle and slog if it.

Which would you prefer?...

I want to be a part of it!! โ†’